Feng Shui Tips For Thanksgiving

Feng Shui Tips For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a special time of year when we have the opportunity to gather around our loved ones and express gratitude while giving thanks for our many blessings. This year, in particular, we are reminded just how lucky we are to have our health, happiness, and those we love. Here are some helpful tips to incorporate Feng Shui into your Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
Clean Your Space
The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, and a kitchen with great Feng Shui looks, feels, and smells like wonderful things are happening there. Start by ensuring your appliances and countertops are cleaned off. Try finding an all-natural, eco-friendly cleaner like “Branch Basics”, “Blue Land” or “Counter Culture” so as to keep toxic cleaning chemicals out of your home. Ensure all of your appliances are working properly, in particular the stove, burners, refrigerator, and freezer (we don’t want any of these to go out just before your big meal prep!).
Clean out your cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer the week prior. Far too many of us have old leftovers, condiments, or spices in our fridge & pantry long past their “Enjoy by….” dates. Purge these to make space for new grocery runs and ingredients needed for your Thanksgiving meal. Exhale a sigh of relief as you look around your clean & tidy kitchen. Top it off with some delightful holiday smells via some fall-inspired baking and your kitchen is now ready for visitors!
Perform a Space Clearing: Before and After
Whether you are hosting within your home or not, a space clearing is particularly helpful to ensure a fresh, clear, and recharged space. The holidays can often bring out strong emotions in loved ones, whether positive or negative and clearing your home both before and after visiting guests is a great way to ensure space resumes a neutral, grounded energy.
Light the Way
With the winter months come shorter days so ensure your front entrance is illuminated well to receive visitors. Clear any clutter or debris from your walkway and front porch, set out lights leading to your entrance, and place a welcome mat so guests feel immediately embraced. This not only welcomes guests but allows positive chi, prosperity, and abundance to enter your home and flow freely.
Table Prep & Seating
Dining Rooms are considered of high importance in Feng Shui because they are the designated space to gather loved ones around, dine and converse joyously together. Take full advantage of your dining room, nice china, place settings, glassware, and other entertaining spaces. This is the best time of year to put these to use! Table Shape: Round or oval wooden tables are ideal because the absence of harsh angles, corners, and materials (glass, metal) help grounded energy, and subsequently conversation, flow freely around the table.
Table Settings: Try to avoid seating your guests near blunt corners as it can cause uneasiness. Table cloths and greenery can assist with softening harsh angles on square or rectangular tables. Set the table a day or two before so you have one less thing to worry about while preparing your meal on the big day.
Harmonious Decor
In Feng Shui we categorize energy into yin (softer, quiet, dark, heavy) and yang (active, light, bright). If your family is particularly active, high-energy, or prone to arguments, minimize yang energy through your decor choices. Keep lighting and music low, decorate with earthy tones like pumpkin orange, yellows, chocolate browns, and beiges. Use a centerpiece of earthy/fall inspired tones or a bowl of vegetables and fresh fruits. The color orange is a Fire element in Feng Shui and encourages conversation, while the bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables represents abundance and prosperity.
Food and Drink
Be sure to create an inviting atmosphere from the moment your guests arrive by setting out warm appetizers and delicious cocktails. Place serving stations around the home so guests can move about and converse freely while helping themselves to a beverage or light snack prior to the main meal. This helps guests begin to instantly unwind and relax as well as catch up with those they haven’t seen in a while or are meeting for the first time.
Get Outside
After the main meal has been finished, try getting outside either on a walk around the neighborhood or by enjoying a warm cider in the backyard. Being out in nature with fresh air can, weather permitting, help restore, revive, and rejuvenate oneself despite the often over-stuffed food coma-like feeling we have after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. While out, practice conscious breathing and begin setting intentions for the year ahead while expressing gratitude for the year you’re soon to leave behind. This is also a great exercise to give your body while it prepares itself for that pie you’ve been eyeing all day…
Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to count our blessings and express gratitude for all the year has brought. Now more than ever, it is important we remember the many reasons we have to be thankful and celebrate the many people we’re so fortunate to surround ourselves with. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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