Feng Shui Tip During Quarantine: Space Clearings

Feng Shui Tip During Quarantine: Space Clearings

Space Clearings

What is a Space Clearing & How Does It Work?
The term Space Clearing refers to the art of cleansing and consecrating spaces. It is a profound and highly effective technique for clearing and revitalizing the energy in buildings; including homes, offices, schools, hospitals and even your car.
Science has proven that everything in the universe and beyond is comprised of energy; constantly flowing energy that is always changing and affecting the space and living creates in and around it. Energy levels in the places we live, work, shop, and socialize can have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. A space clearing moves stagnant energy in a home or business with the goal to improve health, relationships, and finances.
Space clearings are a ritual found in almost every traditional or native culture. It is the skill of changing the atmosphere in the home from one of stagnant chi (energy) to one of vibrant, healthy and spiritually enhancing. Space clearing before moving into a new home was considered a vital part of any move in traditional cultures and is still often practiced today throughout the world.
If a home is clogged with a history of its’ occupants illness, sadness, grief, arguments, or pain, and these build up layer by layer with every new occupant, the end results can be a pattern of behaviors and emotions from occupant to occupant. Space clearings release and clear this emotional debris that has accumulated.
Space clearings are also extremely helpful when your life seems to be stuck or when you are ready for a new start. By clearing out any old or stagnant energy (either your own energy build-up or that of those who occupied the space before you), and then consecrating the space with the scientific frequencies of what you want to happen in your life, remarkable changes can occur in all aspects of your lives.
Signs Your Space May Need A Clearing
Once negativity enters the home or office, it can get stuck and begin to build. You can often see the physical results of this negative energy build-up if you pay attention. Some of the signs there is a build-up of negative energy in your space include:
  • arguing
  • violence
  • constant bad luck
  • objects seem to break easily
  • things frequently stop working
  • you have to repair items often
  • intruders in the home; anything from burglars and theft to bugs and pest infestations
Clearing a house energetically can help you fall in love with it once again. It can help you get back on track emotionally, helping you regain your interest in life and the future. It can also help clear the way for prosperity and productivity in your business. In real estate, clearing residual negativity can help neutralize the home for prospective buyers and encourage a faster sale.
After clearing a home, it should feel lighter and brighter. Before and after photos have shown a house can be up to three shades lighter.
When To Clear A Space
  • After a physical or psychological illness
  • After hosting unwelcome guests or visitors you didn’t enjoy sharing your space with
  • After major life changes
  • Bereavements, separations, divorce, or change in a job are all major stress factors in our lives and can trap negative energy
  • If you have been burglarized, this can create a very negative feeling of violation in the home
  • Past violent arguments or quarrels
  • When making a fresh start in life
  • When in a new relationship
  • After a remodel
  • Before putting your home on the market
  • After buying a home and before moving in
Our homes are built to be our sanctuaries and it is important we take care of these and the other spaces of which we spend much of our time in. If you are looking for more information on the benefits of clearing your home or office, contact me today!

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