Feng Shui For The Nursery

Feng Shui For The Nursery

Feng Shui & The Nursery

Babies can benefit just as much from Feng Shui as adults – if not more. If you’re adding a new member to your household, it’s best to create an environment that is warm, nurturing, and welcoming.
Soothing Sounds
Every baby develops while listening to the sound of his or her mother’s heartbeat. Be sure to introduce a soothing, steady sound into your child’s sleeping environment to provide continuity. A sound machine with various sound settings is a great option.
Soft Surfaces
A cushioned rocking chair and well-padded changing table will slow down the energy in the room, shielding the baby from jarring noises and sudden movements.
Pleasant Scents
Babies have a very strong sense of smell. An air purifier is a great way to rid the room of any odors from the diaper pail. If possible, keep the diaper pail out of the bedroom to maximize air purity within the nursery. An oil diffuser with calming scents, like lavender, is also helpful in or around the nursery.
Keep Visuals Simple
Babies can be easily overstimulated so it is best to consider this when selecting nursery décor. Hanging a mobile over the bed may be too stimulating; it’s better to position anything from the ceiling over the changing table or in a corner.
Choose a calming paint color such as a mellow earth tone (beiges, etc) to give the nursery the feeling of stability. Honey, pumpkin, cocoa, or dusty rose are also great choices because they are all warm and nurturing colors.
Crib Placement
Positioning your baby’s crib so that they have a clear view of the door will promote better sleep habits.
Nurturing Seating
Place a special chair where the child can be held or cuddled in the nursery. The ideal spot is the far right corner, which governs loving relationships.

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